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VDSL Broadband FAQs

How much faster is VDSL broadband?

Heaps faster than ADSL! Depending on your line quality, you could get download speeds of up to 70Mbps and upload speeds up to -10Mbps. There are a number of factors involved such as the condition of the copper cables and the distance from the nearest cabinet. The closer you are to the cabinet – the better.

Should I choose VDSL or Ultra Fast Fibre? (Ultra Fast Broadband)

If you can get both at your address then you should consider fibre. It uses fibre optic cabling instead of copper which means the speeds are more consistent and faster. Fibre is a little trickier to install than VSDL, but it’s worth it.

Is it easy to install VDSL and how much does it cost?

It’s super easy! When you order VDSL we offer a standard connection similar to ADSL. Please note you will still need a compatible modem to receive the full benefit of VDSL.

We have a range of VDSL plans and when you sign up to a 12 month contract standard installation and a top-spec modem is free too.

Do I need a new modem?

We’ll send you a high spec compatible Wi-Fi modem before the installation date and you'll need to have this on hand when the work starts. The modem will then be connected to the new VDSL jack point. So ideally, the jack point and modem should be installed where you'll make most use of the internet; for example, next to a centrally located TV for game consoles or in an office for desktop computers.

Sign-up with Spark for 12-months and the modem is free!

What if my speed isn’t any faster than ADSL?

Once VDSL has been installed, a technician will fine-tune the new service. While this is going on there could be some variability in how your connection performs. After 10 days, if the speed is not consistently better than 15Mbps download, and we aren't able to improve things, you can switch back to standard ADSL at no extra charge or penalty.


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