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Australia’s Cheapest Naked Broadband (DSL) Plans

If you’re just after a cheap, no-frills broadband plan, have you considered getting naked? Put that shirt back on! We mean naked DSL broadband. Naked DSL basically means that you get the broadband, without the unnecessary filler like home phone plans and pesky line rental. Naked DSL internet gives you the full service of home broadband without the extra cost of a phone line – potentially delivering you significant savings if it’s a service you seldom use in this digital age when most people own smartphones. Compare some of the top naked internet plans below.


What is Naked DSL?

If you’ve not heard the term before, a ‘naked DSL’ internet plan is simply a broadband internet subscription with no home phone service and no home phone line rental. This is in contrast to ‘bundled’ plans, which will include broadband internet & home phone line rental in one subscription. This means that naked broadband plans are usually cheaper than their bundled counterparts if the regular ADSL plan does not already include home phone calls or home phone line rental.

  • Naked DSL is suitable for renters, young people, or simply those who don’t need a home phone connection anymore.

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4G LTE wireless broadband is 10 times faster than 3G, Faster and Bettrt, its 4G

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Common Questions

4G data usage-Plans resticted to data allocated only or there are Plans where you can use extra and pay extra for data usage.